commercial building real estate ads

One of the greatest skills you can master in the real estate industry is the ability to develop powerful real estate ads that sell properties fast. With the exponential growth of the Internet and social media, it is now more critical than ever to harness this skill and catch the eye of a buyer. There are many properties that can sell themselves if priced correctly and promoted properly with a clearly communicated listing. There are four tips that can help you write real estate ads that sell.

Be a Leader

Most have preconceived notions as to the look of a property listing. You have certainly browsed through many listings and come to the conclusion that this is what your listing should look like. In actuality, it is better to be different if you want to differentiate your listing from the competition.

Of course, it is not easy to think outside the box and create an original idea. This is why so many listings are uninspiring. Therefore, hit the refresh button and come up with an original idea or approach to real estate ads. If effective, your rewards will certainly be plentiful.

Don’t Oversell

There is a fine line between a creating positive listing and overselling the property which can really turn off buyers. Although this may seem contradictory to the previous tip, most buyers know excessive hype when they read it. If you start real estate ads off with embellished claims about your property, you aren’t fooling the buyer and will simultaneously tarnish your reputation. The trick is to be clear about why your property is an incredible opportunity.

Follow Proper Structure

While you should always think outside the box, even the most creative real estate ads must follow a proper structure to maintain the correct flow. Typically, listings are laid out as follows:

Headline – Use a prominent headline that looks different than the competition.

Opening Statement – The first sentence of the listing should get right to the point with regards to what the ad is all about.

Narrative Description of Benefits – Discuss the primary benefits of the property including a number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, property size, neighborhood, school district, garage, renovations, etc.

Special Promotion – Special promotions do not always apply but if you need an extra “nudge” to sell the property, offering promotions like seller financing, pay for closing costs or provide a rent-to-own option.

Closing Statement with Call-To-Action

End real estate ads by telling your readers what to do and make sure to give them one last push to contact you. Also, don’t forget to include your contact information or the ad is pointless.

Highlight the Benefits

The most powerful real estate ads highlight the benefits of the property. This tip can especially be effective when placing it in the headline which will entice potential buyers to click on the listing. Also, using the word “features” is fairly outdated so stick with benefits to draw the eye of the buyer.