Eyes for Targeted Marketing on Social Media

Historically, marketers relied on utilizing market research to investigate where to spend advertising dollars between print, radio and television advertisements. However, with the emergence of social media as a new channel to reach customers, research organizations are providing business intelligence with regards to consumer social networking behavior.

Based on this information, the following is a guide to help you better strategize using targeted marketing on social media.

Determine Where your Customers Spend their Time

In a study conducted by comScore, consumers are spending over 16-percent of their online time on social media networks. The same study shows growth from the previous years and experts predict this trend will continue. Therefore, strategies should utilize this information for targeted social media marketing.

Create Content that Resonates with your Audience

As a result of the growing number of consumers between 18 and 34 who view videos and are fully engaged on social media, it is critical that when using targeted social media marketing, hot cultural topics are at the forefront of content.

Heavily Allocate Resources to Facebook

Facebook continues to be at the forefront of social media with regards to the number of active users. Although other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube are important, Facebook is the premier player. This equates to targeted marketing on social media through Facebook engagement.

There are multiple methods of using targeted marketing on social media websites. The aforementioned three are an excellent start to help you mold your social media strategy.