Get Creative with these Marketing Strategies for Startups

Most startups have limited funds so marketing is not necessarily at the top of their list, but it should be. While there are an endless number of ways that you can finance ideas, having limited funds forces you to flex your creative brain to communicate your message. Although Google reviews, banner ads and other forms of AdSense certainly have their purpose, try the following five marketing strategies that can help you reach the target market and highlight your business.

Emphasize your Narrative

As part of online marketing strategies for startups, it is critical to always share why your company is different from the others. This can help you generate excellent (and free) word-of-mouth marketing. Create a narrative on your website that showcases your differences and highlights how you came up with the business idea, any inspirations you may have had or the causes your company supports. The average consumer likes to see more ma and pa brands.

Hack your Own Product

Most products have multiple uses aside from their intended use. By hacking your product and showcasing the other uses to the world, you could be building an entirely new target consumer. Show the numerous uses through online videos or setup a stand in a public place. Within marketing strategies for startups, this idea differentiates from the competition.

Join Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is a site that will allow you to get free media coverage across the Internet. By registering as an expert on a specific topic, you will start to receive emails from a journalist who needs a credible source for an article. If you are interested, simply reply and provide your two cents. Within the article, you will receive a plug to your company, similar to if you were interviewed in-person. This an excellent way to have your company discovered and should be implemented in marketing strategies for startups.

Make your Content Discoverable

Online content is a major part of all marketing strategies for startups. However, if potential consumers cannot find the information then it is worthless. Make sure to always utilize keywords related to your niche in each post to help improve rankings. Also, utilize hyper-targeted keywords that can engage your social media crowd. For instance, Socedo is a social media automation tool that automatically finds Twitter users that post content using your keywords. This will allow you to build a relationship with them over time.

Produce a Vine

Vine is rapidly growing within social networking. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as still major players, Vine is not far behind. The premise of Vine is to create seven seconds of video to share on the platform. The benefit is your company can create a fast advertisement for an extremely low cost. Also, the video does not need to be professional quality. The videos that go viral are those that inspire laughter to so by making this tip part of marketing strategies for startups, you can rise to the top.