hyatt hotel Facebook advertising on messenger bot

The Messanger Bots

Facebook rolled out a new feature called “bots for the Messenger Platform“. Businesses who would like to engage with users better and to a personal level can do that via messenger app. This new feature allows you to be direct with users by providing a personal experience. This is a great way for Facebook to monetize the messenger app. Advertisers should take advantage by initiating an audience oriented facebook advertising campaign.

The Bots let users subscribe to what’s interesting to them. Facebook says that the bot automated to send messages, to customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications, and more. Imagine your audience can receive anything they asked regarding a transaction with your business. All they have to do is head over to the app and type in their question.

Businesses & Developers

At this point, Facebook is taking steps to make sure that the app stays healthy by not giving access to everyone. Businesses can work with their developers to submit their application for review.

Facebook has given the option for businesses to integrate the bots on website and mobile. If a user goes to a website and clicks on “message us” button from mobile, the user will get directed to the native app. However, if the user using a browser, they’ll get directed to

User Control

Users have the option to block messages they don’t like to receive. You can either block all messages or the sponsored messages. Also, you can manage your subscribed topics to anything you desire. Users can unsubscribe either with the block button on the top right-hand corner or by choosing manage topics at the bottom of the screen.

Even though this is a new feature, it has a long way to go with many potentials. Social advertisers should keep an eye for future updates. Please share your thoughts below and don’t forget to share.