Professional Planning medical SEO on Laptop

According to a study by the Search Engine Journal, SEO leads have a 14.6-percent customer conversion rate whereas outbound leads like print advertising and direct mail only have a 1.7-percent close rate. With the majority of Americans now owning smartphones, it is critical to rank highly in search engines for relevant searches that potential patients could be making from their mobile device. Luckily, there are five actionable medical SEO tricks that can help your organization rank higher than the competition within the healthcare industry.

Trick #1: Develop Original Content

Like with any industry, creating original content and posting it on your website will help inform your clients and rank higher in the search engines. Also known as quality content marketing, developing original content will give you higher credibility by highlighting your value and expertise. Produce content such as interviews, photos, blog posts, case studies, infographics, medical breakthroughs, patient testimonials and conversations within the industry. Scatter popular keywords throughout the content to significantly improve your medical SEO efforts.

Trick #2: Integrate a Site Map

Simple sitemaps are often and overlooked tip to properly index your website within search engines. Sitemaps aid Google, Bing, and Yahoo in determining the layout of your website and its connections to other authoritative sites. It also eases navigation and functionality for your potential patients. There are multiple free third-party tools that can generate a sitemap for your website.

Trick #3: Select the Correct Keywords

Choosing the correct keywords is the most important medical SEO trick as it helps you focus your marketing on a specific client. The easiest way to determine the best medical SEO keywords is by making a list of those words that you think people would search for when considering your services. Once you have a comprehensive list, test each phrase using Google’s Keyword Planner which gives you the local monthly search traffic results along with the amount of competition. Select those keywords with high monthly traffic and low competition.

Trick #4: Use Local Search Marketing

According to, more than 50-percent of all local searches are performed using a mobile device. Therefore, tap into this vast marketing channel and ease the patient experience with mobile-friendly websites or even apps. Local search marketing is one of the most critical search verticals within the healthcare industry because patients need to have a physical location in order to utilize your services.

Trick #5: Utilize Different Search Verticals

Most healthcare providers are missing a huge search engine ranking opportunity by not also utilizing images, slideshows, video, mobile and local marketing. Since almost all healthcare providers, clinics and offices have websites, it is important to tap into these other search methods that can help you differentiate. Within these various search, verticals make sure to beef them up with medical SEO such as keyword placement, meta tags and links to your website.

These five medical SEO tricks can help get your website off the ground and make it more competitive within the industry.