Google rich cards preview

Using Google search engine on your mobile phones will give you better visual results than ever, thanks to the introduction of Google rich cards. With a focus on improving the visual experience on mobile, Google has rolled out the concept of rich cards for smartphone users on May 17th. With the rich cards search format, the visual results would appear as a card with all the marked information, such as rating, prices, reviews, etc. The new format will make it easier for users to scroll through the card to get the required information.

Google rich cards

The introduction of rich cards is aimed at enhancing the search experience for mobile users. The new search result format uses structured markup to improve the way content is displayed on the user’s mobile phone. The new search format is an evolution of Google’s rich snippets, making mobile search even more engaging and visually appealing.

In simple words, rich snippets display the image along with the summary of the requested information below the Google search results.


Take Away for Mobile Users

As far as mobile users are concerned, the introduction of rich cards will improve the way users request for information in the Google search engine on smartphones. The new format is aimed at accelerating search results, making it easier for users to find the requested information quicker than ever. Additionally, the introduction of rich cards will give you search results in a more pictorial format that has a greater visual appeal.

With the new rich card search format, the Google search results will appear in English and can be seen in a horizontal movable format in carousels. Rich cards are displayed at the top of the Google search results in carousels, which may have cards from a single or multiple sites.

The carousels appear like sponsored Adwords shopping carts. The new format makes it easier for users to scroll results to the right or left on their mobile phones as per convenience. Additionally, you can scroll up is to see more carousels with cards for different websites.

With structured data markup added to search pages, the new format improves “rich (search) results” in the form of lists or content items, such as articles, movies, and recipes.

What’s in for Site Owners

Building on the popularity and success of rich snippets, Google rich cards are an evolution of rich snippets for the mobile web. Rich cards can be displayed as single items or in a carousel with multiple sites.

As of now, the rich cards are applicable for two categories, including movies and recipes. However, the biggest search engine claims that it is working on a number of feature sets to improve the mobile search experience.

The best thing about the rich cards is that they show up in organic search results.

The company is optimistic that the new search format for mobile will help website owners get noticed in the search results space and attract more targeted users.

The new format is an opportunity for site owners to build a better preview of their content to easily get noticed in the search engine and get an edge over the competition.