Women appear as AI

Many people associate artificial intelligence with scenes from the sci-fi movies. As such, they fail to consider the application of such technology in their daily lives.

Improved User Experience

The current form of AI falls under the Artificial Narrow Intelligence. It powers many of the assembly-line machines, high-tech gadgets and internet search engines. The AI technology includes Google’s RankBrain and Microsoft’s RankNet search engine add-ons. These formidable tools enhance the user experience while browsing the internet.

The technology refines the search terms, phrases, and words to improve the search results. In that regard, AI bears a great influence on the success of your SEO marketing efforts. And by extension, your profits.

The technology aims to minimize the effort with which people search for relevant information. In essence, AI connects users with the right information by filtering out the irrelevant.

Learning and Adapting to the Need of Users

The search engines tune into the needs of the internet users by looking into their search patterns. They examine the search terms and the results that interest users to hone the process.

As such, AI technology examines the search behavior across millions of daily searches. It aims to ‘understand’ what particular strings and terms intend to find. It enables the search engines to understand the context in which some phrases are used. In turn, the engines return results that bear the highest form of accuracy.

Helps Your Search Engine Rankings

Google admits that RankBrain is the third most important signal on the Hummingbird algorithm. Even so, they are yet to disclose the other two. AI technology aims at improving user experience and rewarding exceptional content with higher rankings. As such, it is an asset to your SEO marketing efforts.

For years, Google has worked to make the context of the keywords the focal point in ranking results. At the same time, they aim at lowering the focus on the keywords themselves. Following this model, superior content earns higher rankings than the formulaic variety. Good content draws more visitors to your site to grow your business reach and sales.

Improved Efficiency of Long Tailed Keywords

Greater search term recognition increases the success of long tailed keywords in SEO marketing. Long-word phrases were inefficient since they tended to confuse the search engines. The inability to understand the long keywords made it difficult to rank a website. It also lowers the visibility of your pages. In filtering the results, AI examines the context surrounding the keywords use.

It means that you can vary your long tail keywords to improve the flow of your content. This way you make it more appealing to the readers without a ranking fallout. It means that you can use variations of the keywords in the long form content to boost readability.

Incorporation of artificial intelligence into search engines is no cause for alarm. Rather, it presents you with a chance to reap big from your SEO marketing endeavors. It enables you to supercharge your content strategy and improve page rankings.