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Experts say 2016 is the year when mobile overshadows desktop spends, here is what digital marketing professionals should do about it!

Over the last decade or so, digital marketing has taken a huge leap, especially after the technological advancement. The year 2016 marks the beginning of the Mobile-First World. Experts suggest that digital marketing spends on mobile ads will surpass desktop ad spends. And, mobile ads spends are estimated to take up more than quarter of the media spending in total.

In the olden days of mail-order stores, the key metric was catalog circulation. The more mailboxes you reach out to with lengthy catalogs, the more sales you generate. But, it’s not like this anymore. It’s high time for the eMarketers and leading brands to drive enormous growth for their businesses by adopting the mobile-first digital marketing realities.

Digital marketing devised on mobile-first approach is not only a shift in technology but requires you to revamp your mindset as well. There are three things you should consider–what matters, what is working and what is possible.

What Matters?

Forget the measuring tools which you base your analytics plans on and start from basic.

First, have a solid idea of what outcomes the business wants to achieve. Second, base your measuring plans around it. It’s imperative to strike a match between your goals and what KPIs you are using for measurements. Failing to do so would yield your efforts into a void!

Revamping the entire analysis process and revising KPIs is surely not an easy thing to do. To avoid tracking the irrelevant stuff, consider what bolsters your brand’s growth.

What’s Working?

The second question digital marketing professionals are returning to is “What’s Working?” Now we know that with a fast changing world and technological advancement, customers are interacting with us in a new manner. The expectations have changed and risen from both parties alike. The gaps between online to offline is vanishing. Consumers use mobile for in-store shopping and for digital marketing professionals; this is something to take care of. Successful and creative digital marketing professionals are getting their hands on new tools and methodologies to determine what’s working.

One good example is of Target. The marketers learned that their customers started the mobile-shopping experience. So, they quickly grabbed the opportunity to revamp their shopping experience. They devised a marketing strategy around mobile-first users. And, used store visits data tactfully to measure the impact of their digital marketing, mainly offline.

That’s not all; they utilized the knowledge they gained and carefully built a unified cross-platform shopping experience for their customers. As a result of which, the omnichannel shoppers are Target’s most potential customers.

What’s Possible?

What’s possible with Digital Marketing? Well, everything! There are no caps to the possibilities. The future is not just about optimizing the knowledge you have already but to experiment and innovate new pathways to discover new horizons.

Brands must serve customers’ needs. Gone are the days of brand loyalty, now customers are task-loyal. If you fail to fulfill their need, they have hundreds of other options at their fingertips.


Digital marketing is an ocean of new opportunities for a long time, and mobile is adding a lot more to it. With a new mindset and proactive approach, unrelenting experimentation and innovation pursue the newer possibilities!