Mobile Ad connection to store

The proliferation of mobile ad has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the business industry. In fact, it is the new door to your business that helps spread the word about your brand and unlocks the doors of opportunity. With shoppers keenly exploring billions of online destinations, a mobile ad can help you easily reach out to them.

Mobile is Everywhere

More Google searches happen on mobile than on desktops in 10 countries, according to Google statistics. Mobile has thus become the primary screen for shoppers and marketers alike.

Statistics reveal that almost half of the online traffic comes from mobile searches, with an increasing number of shoppers using smartphones for online research than desktop. Mobile is a powerful tool to connect you with the outside world, with about 30 percent of mobile searches are location related.

Location-Based Searches

Statistics reveal that searches with local intent have a higher potential to influence people to visit the store within a day. Research reveals that 50 percent of mobile have a higher chance of visiting a local store after performing a local search, compared to 34 percent of those using desktops or tablets.

Google says these visitors are most likely to make a purchase in the store, with about 18 percent of local searches leading to sales. Mobile ads certainly offer a big advantage.

The research explores local search intent, that is, what information is sought when people perform a search with local key phrases and how it impacts their purchasing decisions and behavior.

In a survey conducted by Google, 88 percent of surveyed people used search engines for local searches compared to 84 percent using a tablet or desktop.

Last one year has seen over 2.1 times increase in mobile ad searches related to “food open now” and “stores open now.” There has been 1.3 times increase in mobile searches for online shopping – viz., where to find, buy, and get.

Influence Offline

Timely and useful mobile user experience brings people to your front door and improves chances of mobile purchases. Over 76 percent of people looking for solutions online visit a store within a day, with 28 percent such searches translating into a purchase.

Smartphone shopping has achieved remarkable milestones, with a significant jump in the number of people coming to an online store through mobile ads. With smartphones becoming the new in-store research advisor, adopting local inventory ads has the potential to bring more people to your store.

The numbers clearly say that mobile is shopping consumer purchase behavior more than ever. It is critically important to offer potential consumers an excellent mobile experience, encouraging them to come back for more.