girl playing in virtual reality glasses

There is a lot of buzz about virtual reality, and now advertising on them is a matter of time. Why is it growing popular globally? Global search in Google has been growing in the recent past, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices. It has ballooned by nearly 4 times in the last year. A simple piece of cardboard can enhance your virtual experience, transforming mobile devices into virtual reality headsets.

Google Cardboard is changing the virtual reality experience for mobile users, with no dearth of virtual content to watch online. You can watch every single YouTube video in virtual reality and change the way you spend your leisure time. virtual reality promises to take you to a different level of viewership, with virtual reality cameras capturing every angle and nook & cranny of a location, so you feel you are virtually present there while being present in the comfort of your home.

It’s similar to teleportation, promising deeper engagement.

Virtual Time Machine

Virtual reality can turn into a time machine of sorts, which means the recordings of today viewed 20 years later can create an experience like you were there. For example, you may want to recreate today’s memories tomorrow – a wedding, a birthday party, or any other special event. Just collect the memories like you make a photograph collection and get set to relive them in a vivid way.

Google Cardboard is a baby step toward this future. The virtual reality platform Daydream offers to become a powerful, mobile platform, with a comfortable headset available at a reasonable price.

Doorway to Advertising

In YouTube’s 360 degrees video, it is possible to see the video from different angles without requiring headsets by simply swiping the phone or tablet around. Brands are harnessing the power of 360-degree video to picture special events or get creative with advertising by adding depth.

Virtual reality promises to enhance the 360-degree video experience by adding depth. Images become three-dimensional when viewed with a virtual reality headset, with spatial audio making audio available from all directions, creating an impression of reality. The best thing about this technology is that viewers become active participants, creating a great sense of a situation and making messages more impactful. Thus virtual environment and 360-degree video become a potent tool to transport people to a place virtually, compelling them to explore and feel immersed in a new world.

In general, virtual reality should include:

  • Life-sized 3D images
  • Ability to track a user’s motions, including eye & head movements

Virtual Reality & Businesses

Imagine giving shoppers a better feel for your product with virtual reality technology, so they can see items in real size and form before making the purchase decision. According to an Ericsson ConsumerLab study, shopping is the key reason why smartphone users are interested in virtual reality. Some brands are already leveraging virtual reality to create virtual dealerships. It is crucial to have a compelling hook to get viewers to stick around and keep them engaged with your brand.