Nonprofit marketing technic by helping

Nonprofit marketing has two goals: to gain supporters for their cause and convert those supporters into donors who support their work. Just like marketers who work in for-profit sectors, nonprofit marketers must remain up-to-date on modern marketing trends. In 2016, you need to become savvier than ever to reach your organizational goals. So where do you start?

The first step is to analyze the marketing landscape to determine where it is headed and the obstacles that you could face along the way. The following is a list of challenges that you may square off against in 2016 and strategies to overcome them.

Emergence of Mobile

The growth of mobile phones is not new but the trend continues to accelerate. In 2015, comScore launched a report that showed mobile usage has grown at 394-percent since 2010. Another report launched by the Pew Research Center determined that smartphones are the only entry point for many Americans. Therefore nonprofit marketing must consider mobile phones first when determining your marketing strategy for the upcoming year. This is another channel with which to reach potential donors.

Maturation of Social Media

The number of social media platform is daunting even for the savviest social media users. Therefore, it is critical to understand your audience and tap into their social media network. For those nonprofit organizations that have a younger target audience, Pinterest and Instagram could be the best option. For organizations that have a mature audience, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook may be the best social media network to connect. Determine the best platforms for your audience and work forward.

Modern Solicitation

The cold hard fact is that most individuals are no willing to easily part with their money to support a cause, no matter how noble it may be. Nonprofit marketing is regularly up against the following disheartening facts:

  • Millennials make $2,000 less than their parents at the same age (adjusted for inflation)
  • Researchers predict that Millennials have 10-times less of a chance of becoming millionaires than baby boomers
  • Although some millennials make charitable contributions, their total number of gifts comprise only one-tenth of charitable donations
  • People continue to this we are in a recession which varies by local political persuasion and geographic location

Modern solicitation is more about relationship-building and less about persuasion. Your relationship with the potential donor is at a stage where you are both learning about one another. Therefore, instead of asking for money immediately, create conversations that provide supporters with the opportunity to learn about your organization and create an emotional attachment.

In nonprofit marketing, technology can be a major challenge and solution to those challenges. It is important to always cater to the potential donor and the best method with which to reach them in order to maximize potential donations.