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The 2016 Summer Games have already started, bringing together the top-notch athletes in the world to compete for their country and the gold. The grind will go on for 17 days straight and will be watched around the globe. To watch it all, billions of fans from different corners of the world will be tuning in, and these are the golden times to strategize your video marketing plans for Olympic Rio ’16.

Role of Digital Media in Olympic Video Marketing Plans

Most of the watch time is taking place on the TVs, but the digital media is not that far behind. In the last 15 months or so, the search and views for sports like gymnastics, track and field and volleyball has been 30 times more than total watch time and for all the content broadcasted on TV. In fact, the search interest for last Summer Olympics on YouTube was higher than FIFA World Cup or even past six Super Bowls.

As Summer Games viewers are shifting online, so should the brands who are trying to reach them. Producing content related to sports is a great start to your video marketing plans. Following are three points that you should consider to expand it further.

Think beyond the sports

Producing sports content is easy if your brand is related. There is much more to Summer Games than just sports. They are tradition, culture, emotion and people from around the globe representing their nation. Naturally, the game diverts interest to the local music, food, language and travel of the hosting country. To consider all of that in your video marketing plans is a must.

Reach broader

While your reach to sports fans might be inevitable but if you do not aim for the audience beyond those fans, then you should, if you want your video marketing plans to expand. Not only sports fans tune in, almost 1 in 3 people who do not even watch sports say they are watching The Summer Games. In fact, these are the people who watch gaming, travel and automobile videos. Bring something to the table that would spark these people as well.

Every moment counts

Summer Games will only last 17 days and those 17 days are precious for your video marketing plans. Brands that approach the real-time marketing, give importance to what is going on, how well and which audience. And then make their content off of it that will seize the moment. So keep your eyes open, stay sharp and make every moment count!