Web Word Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has been building momentum for the last few years and is not about to die soon. The high rate of technological development has brought new internet marketing opportunities for use by the marketers around the world. There are countless ways to re-imagine your brand and connect with online clients. On the downside, internet marketing is changing so fast such that marketers have to stay updated or risk losing out.

Here are digital marketing trends to watch in 2017:

Emergence of wearable technology

Technology has become more accessible and smarter than ever before. Customers can now search any information that they need through their eyeglasses and on their wrists. Since consumers are always searching for information when making decisions, marketers should make use of the wearable technology to provide valuable information to the prospective clients through apps.

The dominance of mobile technology

Mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2015 in many countries. Mobile phone penetration together with the cheap internet has been the leading cause of the growth in mobile internet connectivity. In response to the development, Google released the ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm update to reward sites that are mobile-friendly.

Marketers should look at making their sites responsive to take advantage of mobile traffic and the search engines’ preference to mobile-friendly websites.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the new hunting ground for new clients. YouTube is the second largest search engine from Google search engine receiving in excess of 20 billion hits in a day. Facebook videos receive over 8 billion views daily. Twitter has also launched a video engine integrated into the platform.

These stats show that people love watching videos. Marketers can make use of videos to increase the engagement rates with their clients as well as bring an understanding of the use of their products. The videos should be entertaining, very short, and straight to the point.

Social media advertising revolution

Social media has become an important platform for brands to reach large numbers of target audience members in a single hit. In 2017 and beyond, more people will be getting their information and entertainment from different social media platforms .

Smart internet marketers are making use of social media to promote their goods and services. Social media has gone beyond telling customers that you sell these and those goods to giving shareable information that is related to the brand. It creates awareness and interest in the brand and drives numbers to the company website.

Increase in paid advertisements

As competition in online marketing increases, marketers are turning to paid advertisements to get higher visibility. In 2017, marketers will spend more on paid advertising as the platforms increases. Online ads are basically cheap and provide a good chance for small companies to gain visibility.

It is important for businesses to take advantage of the upcoming online marketing opportunities to increase their visibility and sales volumes.