Digital Agency Creative Team

As the world evolves, the digital agency must also undergo a transformation. Since society continues to move toward a more digital world, marketers are increasing their spending on technology and marketing automation. This trend will continue with more online customers listening, congregating and responding to products and services. To be successful, the future digital agency must engage the active consumer with data and relevant content to personalize the experience. To meet the expectations of the consumer, digital agencies must completely develop the following five core competencies to be competitive.

Cultural Knowledge

Although speaking a different language is beneficial, it is different than understanding the cultural context of a specific communication. In the future, the most successful digital agencies will not use a “one size fits all approach.” Instead, they will be able to adapt to and meet the needs of that specific culture. One campaign that may work in New York could also be applicable to the residents of London but could fail in Dubai and Tokyo.

Customer Engagement

The majority of the buying process occurs prior to the consumer even contacting the retailer. This indicates that providing accurate content is the key to success. The future digital agency must determine methods of engaging the consumer without going over the top. This is an excellent opportunity to produce and distribute excellent content that will guide the customer to your digital space and allow them to react to that information.

Data-Driven Marketing

Modern data has finally achieved the “segments of one” concept which allows marketers to track and understand individual consumer behaviors. The leading segmenters include Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify. These companies are able to convert potential consumers into long-term, loyal customers. Data-driven marketing gives marketers the insight to create and maintain authentic relationships by sending helpful and timely emails and content that will increase your customer conversion rate. The future digital agency must have this ability to differentiate from the competition.

Measuring Success

The future digital agency must be able to measure the success (or failure) of a marketing campaign. The report should feature where campaigns succeeded, where they fell short and which areas can be fine-tuned. This information is so critical as it can help marketers support the successful campaigns, eliminate the unsuccessful campaigns and tweak the moderate campaigns to become successful. At the moment, these types of measurements are in the infancy stage.

24/7 Mentality

Although the digital agency of tomorrow can only work so many hours in a day while still maintaining a high level of quality, they must learn to create a local team that can work around the clock to deliver a 24/7 relationship to clients. For instance, create a team of nine people; three in the United States, three in Dubai and three in Tokyo. Since the Web does not sleep, neither does a client’s account. This idea is not new to the marketing world. However, in the future, it will become the rule and not the exception.