Man in medical laboratory doing testing

The medical industry is vastly different from most other industries. It works with varying demographics in an array of communities. However, marketing the medical industry really is no different than other business types. You identify the community, the demographics that visit your facility and utilize available marketing techniques to reach them. Now, you may not have the kind of immediate competition as other companies. Instead, your marketing mission is to inform the community of services you provide and how they can reach you.

Geographical Marketing

Working in the marketing department, you’ve heard of search engine optimization (SEO). However, you need to utilize what is known as geo SEO. This is where the search engine optimization is created with a specific geographical location in mind. After all, you cater to the local community (most likely) and not to visitors on the other side of the country. This way, when visitors within the community look up services relevant to what you provide, your facility will appear higher on search engine results. To take advantage of this, you’ll need to include your address throughout the website (such as in the footer of the page) and also consider including a Google Maps offering on one page as well. This helps Google identify the location of your facility, which helps with GEO search results.

Local Medical Marketing and Media

You need to connect with the local community. So what are the best ways to do this? You can utilize a more traditional form of marketing, including television and radio spots. However, the downside to these options is fewer people are listening to local radio or watching live television. More content is consumed over the Internet, which means you need to shift your marketing approach to reflect this.

Creating medical marketing and media related to it is an excellent way to interact with the local community and offer helpful assistance. Posting short videos to your website, social media account or blog can direct Internet traffic back to your page. It also can assist individuals by providing insightful information. These videos can range anywhere from how to dress a sprained ankle to what to look for when performing monthly self-screenings for breast cancer. The information is helpful to the viewer and it shows your medical facility is willing to help.

Put a Face on Your Marketing

Large industries must deal with a problem of being perceived as a faceless corporation after nothing but money. You need to avoid this. One of the great marketing practices is to put a face with your company. A friendly spokesperson, or simply showcasing people in your short videos and other medical marketing and media approach helps dissolve the idea of a large corporation (regardless of how big your company actually is). It also shows the importance of running social media accounts with pictures of actual people. When running these social media accounts, make sure to communicate back with visitors who write you. It helps everyone feel like their question is important.