man pointing camera at real estate property

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Due to the launch of new software solutions, apps and services, modern real estate brokers have access to incredible tools that can help boost their marketing influence. These real estate marketing tools range from technology that maximizes open house sales efforts to services that aid in the closing process. The difficult part is knowing which tools are most worth your money, time and energy. Luckily, the following list deciphers the five best real estate marketing tech tools for your business.

One: Matterport’s 3D Showcase

A video is a major factor in most real estate marketing strategies. With the emergence of new 3D camera technologies, agents can differentiate from the competition with solutions like Matterport’s 3D Showcase. This innovative technology provides users with a Google maps-type experience that displays the inside of homes and allows the user to quickly navigate throughout the entire home. Added features include the ability to create digital floor plans and add dimensions.

Two: CO Everywhere

It is almost impossible for real estate agents to remain up-to-date on all activities within the local community. However, CO Everywhere allows you to draw areas on a map to learn about all of the hot spots and interesting conversations. The app syncs directly with users’ Instagram and Twitter accounts to include businesses and consumers. Also, it provides business deals, events and other updates around the community. This is an excellent way for realtors to be able to speak to the specifics of an area.

Three: Curb Call

The modern buyer has on-demand expectations. Curb Call is there to fill the gap so that buyers can locate homes for sale in which they are interested. First, they identify the listings, then setup a Curb Call showing on the spot. This eliminates email and phone tag and, as a realtor, trying to convince buyers to look at a listing. This is one of many effective real estate marketing tools because qualified and ready-to-buy leads come to you.

Four: NuOffer

For those realtors who have lost a deal in the 11th hour due to the inability to complete the paper on-time, NuOffer is one of the top real estate marketing tools because it aids in creation, signing and the submission of offers to sellers. This eliminates the need for navigating piles of documents and streamlines communication with the seller’s agent. It also gives you access to MLS data and title companies.

Five: SpeakingPhoto

While there are several video recording apps developed for real estate agents, the SpeakingPhoto app was created to allow you to take photos of your listings and then start recording audio to provide commentary on your photos which appear as a slideshow. This is one of many quick and easy real estate marketing tools to show off your homes for sales.

Real estate marketing tools have evolved over the years allowing agents to become more effective at reaching their audience. With more Millennials looking to purchase a home, real estate agents must be up-to-date on their marketing and selling methods.