Young man doing startup marketing on computer

You have read through hundreds of startup marketing articles, so why waste your time with another guide? You have the basics down and have heard the same advice millions of times. There is definitely more to it than just the basics. What your startup company truly needs is innovative marketing ideas that will differentiate you from the competition and draw new customers. Although that sounds easier said than done, this article presents four unique startup marketing ideas that can get you up and running.

Be in Every Space

Being present in every space goes beyond the standard startup marketing ideas of blogging and social media. Instead, it refers to being the brand that consumers notice while walking down the street. Even if they are not familiar with your company, at least they recognize the name. This can be accomplished by commissioning a mural on a building or even covering the streets with chalk, displays or paint. Creating bumper stickers and t-shirts are excellent startup marketing ideas. In short, never be invisible, get your name around town as much as possible.

Create a Startup Personality

Your Brand and products need a personality that draws customers and sets you apart from the competition. Think Dollar Shave Club which launched its beta version in April 2011. It was not until March 2012 that everyone began to notice the razor-blade subscription service due to smart startup marketing. When a comical advertisement featuring the CEO of the company was launched, the brand saw 12,000 orders in the first two days and the website crashed within the first hour. The advertisement was funny, had personality, introduced consumers to the company and was geared toward the man who loves shaving at an affordable price.

Involve your Customers

Listening to and engaging your customers are critical tactics to all marketing campaigns. You should take this a step further and make them actually feel like they are part of the team. The Karl Lagerfeld Store in Amsterdam did exactly that in 2013. The company equipped iPads with a wall-mounted screen and camera to every dressing room in the store. This allowed customers to share their looks with email and social media contacts. The store included Instagram-type filters which were used to create a lookbook. This idea was fun for the customers that allowed them to engage and promote the brand. Customers felt like they were part of something larger and part of the team.

Save the Day

Somewhere in the thousands of startup marketing articles, you have read, you may have come across advice that tells you to donate money to promote your startup. Although that is helpful, you can take it to the next level and be a hero to the community. Ambev created a Beer Turnstile campaign which allowed people to pay for a train ride with empty beer cans after a carnival. The cans had to be from Ambev’s Antarctica Beer which linked a recycling program that was good for the community, with a fun activity.