Laptop in modern digital agencies

Like any other company, modern digital agencies are all looking for an edge over one another to differentiate their services to the customer. This edge could be a method of leveling up their services, cost savings initiatives or streamlining their internal processes to better serve the client. One of the key trends among digital agencies is their shift to a hybrid strategy which combines classic methodology with a more flexible approach. Essentially, they are taking the technological principles of Silicon Valley startup companies and applying them to a high-powered digital agency.

Hybrid Company Traits

There are many traits of the hybrid modern digital agency including:

Client Engagement

Modern digital agencies select a few to target. To do so, they have an easily navigable website that allows potential leads to connect with them quickly and easily. In the past, many websites were difficult to navigate and even determine how to contact the proper individuals within the agency.

Diversified Clients

In addition to targeting a specific group of individuals, the modern digital agency diversifies within that target group to ensure resilience during changing economic circumstances or during a downturn in business. This helps to protect the company while still providing excellent service to their existing customers.

Generate Leads for Data Collection

In addition to generating leads for more potential clients, this is an excellent method of understanding the market to adjust offerings that meet client demands. This is basically conducting market research on a daily basis which improves your service while fattening the bottom line.

Utilize Lead Scoring

There are numerous inbound marketing platforms, such as Marketo or Eloqua that help your firm score visitors to your site based on their interaction. This helps you to qualify potential leads based on timelines, budgets and client interests which can be passed to the sales team.

Hybridization Methods

Many modern digital agencies implement hybridization methods based on the tech-savvy strategies of the Silicon Valley startup, which include:

Content Marketing

In addition to advertising, your website should show customers why they need your services. This can be accomplished through well-written and relevant written content. Create a team to assist in developing content and creating a process.

Inside Sales

The sales team should consist of inside and external salespeople. Many companies disregard the inside sales team which is counterproductive to the company. A good inside sales team can nurture leads and create a relationship through the sales process.

Many modern digital agencies use these hybridization techniques to showcase their functionality as a modern digital agency. By implementing technology on top of fundamental principles that have been used by agencies over the past century, digital agencies are able to act and react in the modern technological world. This helps cut costs and provide the best services available to their consumers which benefit the firm’s bottom line.