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Marketing for Startups

Imagine that you are in the process of launching a startup and need to get your product in front of as many potential customers as possible.  You will undoubtedly be faced with numerous challenges.  You are not only competing in your industry, you are simultaneously competing with hundreds of other advertising and marketing messages that consumers are battered with on a daily basis.  Furthermore, most startups do not yet have enough funds to engage in serious digital marketing.  Luckily, you have cost-effective options that can help market your product on digital platforms.

Social Media

First, consider social media; social media is one of the least expensive marketing methods for startups.  In addition, social media platforms deliver a simple medium for promotions and customer service as your brand grows.


Social media can help you build brand equity and create a voice.  Not only should you be posting regular content; your posts should uniformly reiterate your brand.  In a recent report, Buffer App found that the ideal number of daily posts for Facebook ranges from 5 to 10, Twitter is 5 tweets per day and Google+ and LinkedIn is once per day.


Remember, your brand is not about your personal likes and dislikes; it is about the customer.  Therefore, find and share information important to your customers to include in your content.  Also, make sure to mix in some promotional content to support the brand.


Social media offers a variety of digital marketing platforms that allow you to connect and engage with your customer.  Always make your followers feel like valued members of the brand and do not fear social confrontation.  Finally, approach complaints as opportunities to support customer service capabilities.

Content is Always King

The value of content marketing for startups continues to be undervalued.  Content is a critical vehicle to convey the message of your brand.  If your content is confusing, you will struggle.

Inexpensive Content

Creative content does not necessarily need to be expensive.  By utilizing high-quality content sites such as Craigslist and Upwork, you can produce excellent and engaging content for a small investment.

Optimize for Conversions

When visitors reach your landing pages, what do you want them to do?  On digital marketing platforms, your content strategy should always keep that question in mind.  Once you know the action then you can use affordable tools to leverage those actions.  These marketing resources for startups include free plugins for capturing emails, Google Analytics, optimization forms and checkout cart services so you can sell from your site.

Think Critically

Content marketing for startups is not simply a matter of throwing messages against a wall and hoping one of them sticks.  Instead, conduct industry research and create selling propositions based on your findings.  Always avoid the features of your product and focus on selling the benefits.

There are many methods of to improve marketing for startups utilizing digital platforms that can be implemented into the brand strategy.