Non profit advertising in public

When you open up a magazine or newspaper, you rarely see advertisements for Darfur or curing breast cancer. Instead, the documents are riddled with ads from Macy’s, AT&T, Verizon and Choice Hotels. The fact is, gigantic consumer brands advertise and gigantic causes do not. Annual marketing expenditures in the United States for consumer products is in the high hundreds of billions of dollars. On the other hand, the estimate for annual non profit advertising is only around $10 billion.

Why Advertise More

Non profit advertising continually represents 2-percent of GDP since it has been measured. Unfortunately, charity goes without the function to create a want for potential contributors. There is a viewpoint that advertising spending takes away from the cause so charities do not put a lot of stock into non profit advertising. On the other, advertising has a variety of benefits for non profits


Non profit advertising can significantly boost awareness within society. There are so many different charities available across the world but most people are not familiar with them because of lack of advertising. Awareness can convert someone who is considering donating to a charity to a person who will donate to a charity.


Like with any type of brand, the success of the non profit organization relies heavily on growth. The brand can be a logo, motto, design, working, jingle or other identifiable feature. For instance, the 1-800-KARS-4-KIDS commercial has a recognizable jingle that continues to build the brand.


Education on important topics is critical for profit and non-profit organizations. Education is the foundation of awareness so by educating the population to a certain cause and making it relatable to them, there is a higher probability that more people will provide donations and support the cause.

Increase Traffic

Even low-cost social media can generate a tremendous amount of traffic and potential financial supporters to help your cause. By utilizing SEO advertising techniques and social media channels, your non profit organization can significantly increase traffic to the website.

Non profit advertising is an often overlooked necessity within the non profit world. However, at no point does it take away from the cause. In actuality, advertising has many benefits that can help support the cause and grow the non profit brand. It just takes the proper marketing strategy to get the word out about the cause in a cost-effective manner.