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Whether you are looking for a way to improve upon your marketing plan or even launch a new marketing strategy, collaborating with a digital marketing agency can provide numerous advantages. However, with so many digital marketing agencies available for selection, it can be difficult to find the company that best fulfills your requirements. Many agencies were created online while others transformed their traditional service to meet the growing demands of the online world. This post will teach you the proper questions to ask when evaluating a digital marketing agency to help with your company needs.

Who executes the work and manages the account?

One of the first questions to ask during the evaluation is who will be executing and managing the work. Many agencies utilize in-house teams that manage the work and others outsource it to offshore and contract workers. Some companies implement a combination of internal strategists and outsourced freelancers. It is critical you know this information to ensure the correct agency is hired.

How are client communications managed?

Managing client communication and collaboration is key to understand during the evaluation process because it improves productivity. Digital marketing agencies that have streamlined processes and efficient platforms in place to manage communication spend less time nurturing relationships and more time completing actual work. Although maintaining the relationship is critical, marketing automation can remove a large portion of the wasteful administrative work.

What key performance indicators (KPI’s) does your team focus on?

KPI’s are vital so you can understand how and why specific digital marketing indicators are measured including, social media followers, website traffic, and advertising impressions. However, a digital marketing agency must be able to present the metrics in a way that those outside of the marketing department can understand. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding your digital marketing strategy.

How does your digital marketing agency measure ROI of the marketing spend and overall success?

It can take months or even years to test the campaigns and strategies that work and those that do not. Then, once a successful campaign is determined, it must grow to amplify the results. A good digital marketing agency will be able to determine and present the marketing return on investment from those campaigns along with the advertising spending.

Is your agency a marketing one-stop-shop?

Different digital marketing agencies provide different services. As a result, this is one of the most critical factors to take into consideration. Like with any business, some agencies are better at certain tasks that others. The most common digital marketing capabilities include website hosting, web design, and development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media strategies, digital and inbound marketing, branding, logo design, and PR. The best agencies will be able to scale with you. For instance, as your company grows and the marketing budget increases, you can add more attractive content to your website such as professional videos.