Man writing advertisement ideas on paper

For the average small business owner, time and money are limited so advertising may not be at the top of the priority list. Luckily, there are a variety of advertisement ideas that can aid the small business owner in reaching a wider audience so that you can sell more products and services. A successful advertising campaign must solve a problem and be wanted by the customer by using the product in which you are selling. The following is a list of five advertisement ideas for small businesses.

One: Business Cards

Although business cards may seem like a no-brainer, there are a surprising number of businesses that do not have cards. Each time you hand a business card out to a potential customer, you are directly advertising your small business. The customer will put in their pocket and remove it later when they need your service or product.

Two: Community Activities

In addition to being excellent PR for your small business, becoming involved in the community is an effective and low-cost method of advertising. To start, find a charitable event of true interest and show that your business really cares about the cost. If you have employees, get them involved in the activity as well.

Three: Promotional Items with Invoices

Even the smallest advertising ideas can make a powerful impact on your potential customer. Therefore, when sending an invoice or bill, why not utilize this opportunity to advertise new products and services or refresh existing options. Referrals are an effective method of drawing new customers so implement a “bring-a-friend” promotion.

Four: Social Media Advertising

Any business that is not advertising using social media is at a severe disadvantage. It is the new communication tool that continues to grow at an astounding rate. With more customer than ever online and using mobile devices to connect, it is critical for all businesses to take advantage. Social media is a small business’ dream with low-cost advertising that reaches a large range of people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and now Snapchat are the most popular social media advertising channels.

Five: Trade Show Booths

One of the greatest reasons to participate in a trade show is to network and be seen within the industry. Although placing a booth in a large trade show can be expensive, there are numerous smaller opportunities that may better fit the budget of your small business. Local business associations regularly hold trade fairs for specific industries and are relatively inexpensive to have a booth. The trade show is a great opportunity to put your small business on the map.

In addition to utilizing these five advertisement ideas, it is critical that you learn what works best and expand the campaign. Although these advertisement ideas seem simple, they can really boost your credibility and educate potential consumers in the local community.