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Video Advertising

Measuring an online video ad’s success by merely its views is not enough—identifying the right KPIs and placing your strategy around it does. Video view count is different for different channels nowadays. YouTube counts 30-second while Facebook’s video view counts at three-seconds. Neither of these metrics matter if the gist of the video ad may not ultimately transfer to the viewer.

To run a successful video advertising campaign, one must not completely rely on video views as the only key point indicators. KPIs differ campaign-to-campaign but to identify the ones who are in line with your campaign; you need to work on the following things:

Identifying the Primary Marketing Goal of your campaign

First thing first is to have a laser-focus on your goal. Your video advertising campaign could be around brand awareness to impact their online or offline sales. Whether through social sharing, seeding or searching, videos always carry a potential to widespread your brand’s exposure.

Since not all the customers may have online experience marketers, these days classify their target audience into three categories: those who are not familiar with the product, those who have somehow a little knowledge of the product and those who are ready to take action! Whenever launching a successful video advertising campaign, it’s important to know where your targeted audience lies in above stated categories.

Identifying the KPIs for Marketing Goal

Now that you’ve successfully identified the marketing goal, you are into the process of running a successful video advertising campaign! Now it’s time to get along with the campaign’s key point indicators. Use the following table to select KPIs for your brand marketing goals:

Measuring Brand Marketing Goals with KPIs

Identifying the video analytic tools which best evaluates your KPIs

You are passed the process halfway! Your primary purpose is set so have you got the KPIs that are in line with that goal. Now, you need to evaluate the key point indicators for your online video advertising campaign. Usually, digital marketer uses three video analytic tools on YouTube namely YouTube Analytics, BrandLift, and reporting in AdWords.

These tools will help you evaluate measures such as clicks, watch time, and view-through rate. Another way to gauge the success of your campaign is to create a poll for consumers using the Google Consumer Surveys. The survey includes customized questions. You may ask anything from the customers who are not necessarily in line with your campaign like if they’ve heard of your brand’s name before or which gadgets do they use or anything you want to.

Tools for Measuring KPIs

KPIs Optimization

Now you know the KPIs for your campaign, and you know how to evaluate them. Next and the last step is to find a good industry to penetrate. However simple it may sound, it is not! Many experts appreciate marketers to set their competitive benchmark. A good practice would be to strike a comparison between your previous and present campaigns as for your team knows the creative variables such as targeting, KPIs, and budget.

What makes digital marketing take the lead over traditional marketing is the real-time optimization. You might use video analytics tools at the start of your video advertising campaign to keep a track on where your video is performing better and then target that audience where your video is doing well.