Google Analytics on Tablet

There are millions of users visiting your website every day for different purposes. How to measure and control this traffic? Google analytics is the answer to all your traffic related queries. It is a remarkable service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

This particular measurement of traffic helps us to target a group of interested audience and understand their area of interest which further helps us in remarketing by creating personalized ads for targeted group. This proves useful in converting viewers into leads.

Let’s understand remarketing

Remarketing is a technique to arrange come back for viewers who returned from a site without making any immediate purchase or inquiry. With this, you can place personalized ads in front of targeted group that had previously viewed your website.

Remarketing with Google analytics

  • With the data derived from Google analytics, you can have a highly personalized list of viewer’s preferences and you can build campaign accordingly.
  • You can create a precise segment based on onsite conversations.
  • Now with this reformed list, with the help of Google analytics, you can create a campaign list using AdWords.

Step by step process to create a Google Analytics remarketing list:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select the Admin tab and navigate to the account and property in which you want to create the audience.
  3. In the Property column, click Audience Definitions, and then click Audiences.
  4. Click + New Audience.
  5. In this, you can select viewers whom you want to show ads through your remarketing campaign.
  6. In the Destination account menu, select the advertising account in which you want to use the remarketing audience. 
  7. Now you can define your audience list accordingly.
  8. Set membership duration for your audience.
  9. Enter a name for your remarketing audience.
  10. Just save it.

Client Identification:

It is a crucial part of remarketing to understand clients’ behaviors and use a well-laid platform to arrange viewers as per their response to the website. By analyzing this behavior we can create client-centric ads.

For example:

Viewer reaction:Ad type:
Viewers who just visited the pageAds showing exclusive features of a website.
Viewers who viewed the products but didn’t purchaseAds featuring those products and related services.
Viewers who added the products but didn’t proceed to paymentAds related to special offers and discounts.
Viewers who make maximum purchaseAds related to membership and special benefits to regular customers.

Is it the traffic that matters?

It’s not only about gathering traffic on your website, it’s the right traffic that matters. Google analytics help you reach the right audience related to your website. It helps increase conversions targeting exact audience. With Google analytics segmentation you can send relevant ads to your targeted viewers with a better chance of converting them into clients.

It’s high time to gear up your website using remarketing strategies and burn cash with each click on your page.